Rent Guarantee Insurance

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Purchase rent guarantee insurance from £135 per property

About our rent guarantee insurance

Our rent guarantee product for letting agents allows you to offer landlords and property owners peace of mind when it comes to loss of income due to unpaid rent.

Now more than ever, landlords are worried about the potential loss of rent due to tenants defaulting on rent payments. Our product means you can ease your landlord’s worry at the same time as enhancing your service to include this valuable protection.

Agents are eligible to purchase a policy for the property if it is fully managed by them and they collect the rent. There must be a potential financial loss for the agent if the tenant(s) fail to pay.

*£5,000pcm cover available to agents with at least 50 active policies in place.


Benefits to the letting agent

Our letting agent portal allows you to purchase products for your clients with ease. Purchase what you need and receive a simple payment invoice at the end of each month. Our rent guarantee product offers exceptional cover for a minimal price and will give landlords peace of mind.


Being an introducer of our insurance products provides letting agents with the potential to earn an extra income revenue for your business as well as offering your clients access to some of the industry’s most widely regarded insurance products.

For each successful referral of a rent guarantee policy you will receive a share of our commission, payable for the lifetime of the policy while your agreement is in place, allowing you to build your commission year on year

Rent guarantee insurance is recommended for anybody who could financially suffer should the property they are renting no longer be receiving a rental income. Even the best tenants may find themselves in a difficult situation and unable to pay the rent landlords rely on, so rent guarantee insurance is a valuable safety net should your landlord no longer receive payments as expected.

Our rent guarantee product can help ensure you receive your management fee even if the tenant stops paying.

Claims can be submitted via our agent portal. The claims process will be automated and will allow you to upload all required documents. Ongoing payments will be proactively managed by us cutting down on admin time for you. Once a claim is in process you will also have access to ongoing communications relating to your claim via our solicitors.

Frequently asked questions

If a tenant failed the tenant reference checks they would be able to use a guarantor instead. However, a guarantor will have to complete and pass the reference checks and achieve a higher affordability factor to ensure the tenant’s right to rent.

You can find the full referencing requirements here.

Under normal circumstances landlord insurance usually covers Loss of Rent following a claim under the main policy. However, if the tenants simply stop paying their rent then landlord’s insurance will not cover this and the landlord would need a separate legal expenses and rent guarantee policy which would provide cover to evict the tenant and pay rent during the process.

No, the policy is designed to pay rent while the tenant resides at the property (but is unable to pay rent). If they leave, there will be no cover for future rent due.

Issue policies via the agent portal

You must be managing the property for the policy to be valid, and the rent guarantee can be included as part of your management service.

When you purchase the policy, you will receive a contract of guarantee document that you can provide to your landlord. This confirms that you have arranged cover for the property as part of your service.

In the interest of clarity, please do not supply a copy of your insurance schedule to the landlord.

It is extremely important that you do not sell the rent guarantee cover as an insurance to your landlords, as arranging insurance without proper authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) could lead to enforcement action being taken.

You can find our portal user guide here.

Refer landlords to Alan Boswell Group

This introducer option is available for let only and managed properties. You can give your landlords a weblink, unique to you, and they can purchase the policy online.

Cover is provided against the property, if a tenant moves out and new tenant moves in cover will remain valid provided the new tenant passes referencing.

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