Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Protect your agency with our range of tailored business insurance policies.

Comprehensive business insurance for your letting agency

Receive the same level of service and expertise as your landlords with our tailored business protection policies.

Commercial insurance packages are designed to help manage and control the impact of losses which occur during your normal business activities.

Many types of cover are available; expert guidance and advice can ensure you buy the most cost-effective insurance for your business.


Why Alan Boswell Group?

We are a leading independent insurance broker, ranked in the top 15 in the UK, and established over 40 years ago. With eight offices and over 380 staff members, we are well-positioned to provide your agency with expert advice.

We offer a personalised approach, tailoring solutions to your agency’s risks. With meticulous attention to detail and strong relationships with insurers, our knowledgeable and friendly team handle all aspects of your insurance, from our in-house claims team to risk management consultation.


Professional indemnity (PI) insurance for letting agents includes protection against legal expenses and claims for compensation from third parties, which may arise due to negligent advice or services provided which have resulted in a financial loss.

Our tailored professional indemnity policies cater to various property professionals including estate agents, letting agents, property managers, surveyors, and quantity surveyors, providing comprehensive coverage. Even if you provide free advice or services you need suitable PI insurance.

Letting agencies and property managers, like many other businesses, face potential cyber threats that could result in financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liabilities. A cyber-attack can compromise sensitive information such as client and tenant data, bank account details, and property information, leading to serious consequences for the business.

Our experts can provide you with advice and guidance to protect against cyber risks, as well as arranging cyber insurance tailored to your business’ activities.

Public liability insurance for letting agents provides financial protection if a third-party suffers injury or property damage due to your business activities. This policy can cover legal expenses and compensation claims, ensuring that letting agents are financially safeguarded against potential liabilities and lawsuits.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have employees. It protects your agency from legal and financial risks associated with employee injuries or illnesses that occur on the job, covers compensation claims and legal fees, ensures compliance with legal requirements, and provides peace of mind for letting agents in case of accidents.

Business interruption insurance safeguards against income loss caused by unforeseen events, such as fire or flood, that disrupt normal operations. It covers ongoing expenses, including rent and salaries, and helps your agency recover and resume business swiftly, minimising financial impact during a challenging period.

Commercial property insurance safeguards your property investment, covering damage or loss due to events like fire, theft, or vandalism. This insurance provides financial protection for the building, its contents, and liability risks and ensures that letting agents can recover from property-related incidents and continue their operations smoothly.

Frequently asked questions

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The amount of cover recommended, also known as the “limit of indemnity”, differs depending on the professional association you belong to. You can inquire about the minimum requirements by contacting the association. Additionally, we can provide guidance on your specific business needs, as you may require a higher amount.

Professional indemnity insurance provides protection for claims of professional negligence, covering you if you make an error or mistake which results in the client making a claim against you.

On the other hand, public liability insurance provides cover for claims of injury or illness caused by your negligence to third parties, and damage to their property.

Considering 39% of businesses in the UK reported a cyber attack in 2022, cyber criminals targeting small businesses is prevalent. If you store and process sensitive client and tenant data, rely on computer systems to carry out your activities, take payments online, or even simply run a website,  it is advisable to take out cyber insurance.

The financial consequences of a cyber-attack could be devastating, particularly if it results in the shutdown of your website, loss of critical business data, or theft of customer information.

Legally, you must have a minimum of £5,000,000 cover, although most policies will cover you for £10,000,000.

We would work with you to calculate the sum insured on a loss of revenue basis.

Service industries (e.g. accountants, estate agents, and solicitors) generally use loss of revenue calculations as there is no product cost to deduct, so income is based on gross profit alone.

There are multiple considerations to account for when calculating the sum insured, and cover must be adequate for the basis of the business interruption so as not to be underinsured.

Following a claim, loss adjustors would calculate the sum insured by looking at income and trends before the loss and compare this with the loss during the period the business is interrupted (the indemnity period).

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