Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal advice and cover for legal costs should a dispute relating to your landlord’s property and tenant(s) arise.

About legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses insurance is essential for landlords who want to keep control of their property at all times. While tenancies typically proceed without issues, legal disputes can be lengthy and expensive if they do arise.

This cover offers legal assistance and financial protection in case of disputes with tenants regarding your landlord’s property. Legal costs up to £100,000 are covered, including legal proceedings and court actions. Examples of situations where this insurance can be helpful include tenant damage to the property, eviction of tenants, and recovering unpaid rent.

This policy is also available for purchase with our rent guarantee insurance.

Benefits to the letting agent

Our legal expenses product for letting agents allows you to offer landlords and property owners peace of mind when it comes to disputes relating to their property. Now more than ever, landlords are worried about the potential loss of income and cost of lengthy legal disputes.

Our product means you can ease your landlord’s worry and help them avoid the stress and cost of legal proceedings and evictions.

We pay agents a share of the commission on policy inception and for the lifetime of the policy – securing a recurring yearly income for your agency and helping you to maximise your income per let.

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Cover for legal expenses up to £100,000 in order to obtain possession of the property, including the issuance of any necessary section notices.

£100,000 cover available for legal expenses that arise from legal disputes concerning the terms of tenancy, damage caused by nuisance, and dilapidations to the property.

Cover for legal expenses that are incurred during contractual disputes with a contracting party regarding the repair and renovation of the insured property.

Recovery of undisputed debt for rent unpaid by a tenant.

Frequently asked questions

As with all policies, there will be terms and conditions. The main consideration is when you are able to make a claim. For legal disputes the amount in dispute must be more than £1000. For eviction, the rent arrears must be over £250.

“Nuisance emanating from a property” is defined as something that causes inconvenience or damage to the use of your property. This could come in many forms, the most common of which are noise, smell, and damp coming from adjoining properties.

Yes, the insurance is based on the property. As long as there is a tenancy agreement in place then the insurance will be valid. If you wish for full cover to be in place you will also need to reference the new tenant(s).

You can cover up 25 tenants on the policy in a student let/HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy). You will need a separate policy for each tenancy agreement.

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